Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Everything went well on our pre-settlement walk through. We went over features of the house, warranty policies and instructions on the next few weeks. We'll have a 2 week meeting with our project manager to go over any punch-list items we discover that need to be fixed.

We closed on Friday August 30th, which was about an hour and a half long process. I got a little nervous right before because there was supposed to be a bank right by the settlement office, but it was actually a cemetary. Then the next address we tried for our bank was an ATM inside a grocery store. We basically had to go back 2 towns to find an actual branch, but then it was the Friday morning payday rush. But after that stress, it was smooth sailing. We closed, returned our cable boxes, had lunch then started moving boxes over. 

Saturday the moving trucks took the rest of our belongings, we had furniture delivered and Sears eventfully delivered our appliances. The Sears delivery guys were two hours late, didn't take the hinges off the fridge and didn't ask us to remove the stairwell banister. That resulted in big damage to our walls and floors. We have a claim in with Sears but it's just disappointing since it's a brand new house. But on the upside, in addition to whatever it costs to fix the damage, I was able to get $470 in gift cards. Hellllooo new TV! Sunday Comcast came to install the new X1 cable platform, which is actually really nice. Almost makes me feel better about paying so much for internet and cable. Then on Friday, Guardian came to set up our security system, which is interesting since I've never had one before.

It's been a long process but we're so happy with how things turned out. Some of our neighbors started moving in this week, and hopefully we'll have many happy years in our house.

Standing in the doorway as new home owners.
Opening the door for the first time!
Jason carrying me across the threshold. HA
Celebratory champagne in our wedding flutes.

Family room before.

Family room after

Some of the damage to our walls from the Sears delivery.
I can't wait to see how big these bushes grow in a few months

Living room with the fan my dad installed. We'll eventually get couches and a TV for here.
Kitchen before
Kitchen After
Kitchen After
First dinner out on the patio set
Bedroom before
Bedroom after with the ceiling fan my dad put in.

Masterbathroom. We need a new shower curtain because the one I had shrunk when I washed it.

Hall bath
Laundry closet. I'm going to ask for them to move the shelf down ~6" during our 2 week meeting. I have to stand on my tippy toes to get the bottles down. We're also getting a new washing machine overflow tub because the pipe hole needs to be cut closer to the edge. Since it's more towards the middle now, the washer has to be farther back to line up.

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